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We are expert in export of cars / vehicles.

Thanks to ten years of experience we have become a reliable partner in buying and selling cars. We are expert in export of cars.

Why the export of cars can be beneficial?

Prices of products on the market can clearly not be very strong within the European borders, this is so for used cars and repairs. This allows the export of certain cars are beneficial for all parties involved.

An example:

An old Mercedes 220CDi in some countries quite attractive. The high road taxes in Belgium for diesel engines ensures a decrease in sales. In foreign countries, different rules apply and is an old Mercedes often much more popular. This is the export of this type of car very economical.
Why exports entrust your car to us?

Every week, we are contacted by foreign companies that wish to buy cars. Increasingly, we have tried to drive this market in a fair way trade. Both sellers and buyers are offered fair prices.

It is precisely this attitude that we have, since the start of our business, which ensures that we are able to sell our cars easy.

Top Deals

Chevrolet Corvette STINGRAY

1977 | € 19.990,-
Chevrolet Corvette STINGRAY 5.7L V8

Chevrolet Silverado BIG 10

1977 | € 1,-
Chevrolet Silverado BIG 10 5.7L V8 1977

Buick Riviera Boattail

1973 | € 23.990,-
Buick Riviera Boattail

GMC Sierra Suburban 4X4

1986 | € 9.500,-


1978 | € 6.990,-
 Chevrolet C 10 BONANZA 100% ORIGINAL FARM TRUCK !!!

Ford Galaxy 500 CONVERTIBLE

1965 | € 13.990,-
 Ford Galaxy 500 CONVERTIBLE 5.8L V8 352CID

Plymouth Fury III SPORT

1966 | € 1,-
Plymouth Fury III SPORT
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